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What is online personal training? What does an online personal trainer do?

An online personal trainer is a professional who provides personalised training programs and coaching to clients remotely, typically through the use of video conferencing or other online communication tools. Online personal trainers may work with clients to help them achieve a wide range of fitness goals, including improving their physical health, increasing their strength and endurance, or losing weight.

During an online personal training session, the trainer will work with the client to help them achieve their specific fitness goals. This may involve creating a personalised exercise plan, providing guidance and support, and tracking the client's progress. The trainer may also provide guidance on nutrition and other lifestyle factors that can impact the client's fitness.

Online personal training can be an effective way for people to get personalised coaching and support, even if they are not able to work with a trainer in person. It can be especially convenient for people who may not have access to a local personal trainer or who prefer the flexibility of working with a trainer remotely.

What does an online personal trainer do?

The specific duties of an online personal trainer may vary depending on the needs and goals of the individual client. However, some common tasks that an online personal trainer may perform include:

  1. Assessing the client's current fitness level and goals: This may involve reviewing the client's current exercise and nutrition habits, as well as performing fitness assessments to determine the client's current fitness level.

  2. Developing a personalised exercise plan: Based on the client's needs and goals, the online personal trainer will create a customised exercise plan that includes specific workouts and exercises.

  3. Providing guidance and support: The online personal trainer will provide ongoing support and guidance to the client as they work to achieve their goals. This may include answering questions, providing feedback and motivation, and adjusting the exercise plan as needed.

  4. Tracking progress and making adjustments: The online personal trainer will track the client's progress and make any necessary adjustments to the exercise plan to help the client continue to make progress towards their goals.

Overall, the main goal of an online personal trainer is to help the client achieve their body transformation goals and overall health through personalised workout, exercise and nutrition guidance.

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