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Personal Training

ELITE body transformation coaching

Do you want to lose body fat, increase lean muscle, improve strength, improve your fitness and become the best possible you? ELITE Health Club is for you!


ELITE personal trainers are respected as the best personal trainers in Sydney and as Australia's leading body transformation experts.

ELITE personal trainers specialise in strength conditioning, body recomposition, sports nutrition, comp prep and body transformation.

Your ELITE personal trainers will hold you accountable for your goals and provide an individualised personal training experience within our friendly community health club environment.

Our Sydney personal training transforms lives through motivation, improved health, inspiration and results you can maintain.


Weekly personal training sessions with an ELITE coach.


Regular body composition assessment and tracking.


Exclusive access to our premium  Chatswood 
training facility.

Protein Powder Drink

Customised nutrition & supplementation advice.


ELITE coaching

More than just personal training

The ELITE experience is more than just personal training, it's also customised nutrition planning & supplementation, body composition assessment and tracking, motivation and accountability. It's a life changing experience!

ELITE provides a world-class training space with state-of-the-art equipment and the best personal trainers in Sydney who will get you the long lasting results you've always dreamed of. 

Experience the ELITE personal training difference.

ELITE personal trainers

A hand-picked team of industry leading body transformation coaches with experience in elite level sport or training competition bodybuilders.
This is your chance to train with the best.



Managing Director &

Certified ELITE Master Coach



Gym Manager &

Certified ELITE Coach



Certified ELITE Coach




Certified ELITE Coach


Certified ELITE Coach

Happy client

      We did what seemed impossible and got to my goal physique right in time. Loosing a total of 10kg in 14 weeks. I will never forget how much time and effort you put into me and the support you provided day in, day out. I am so proud of what we achieved! You always pushed me towards my goals! Thank you! You are truly incredible at what you do! I appreciate you more than you know!"

- @caitlinjesssimms


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Body Transformation

Transform into the best you

At ELITE our personal trainers specialise in strength conditioning and body transformation.

Whether you're a student, stay home parent, busy corporate or comp prep athlete, ELITE will get you the results you desire. 

Our ELITE Sydney personal trainers are specialists in body recomposition (lose fat, gain muscle) and focus on body transformation. 

Our coaches are considered the best personal trainers in Sydney with a results driven model that will transform your body and give you lifelong health.

We’re more than just a gym, we’re a community where you are more than just a number. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals looking to improve their health and transform their bodies.


The ELITE health club community will become your home away from home.

The best personal trainers in Sydney

ELITE coaches are experienced, educated and encouraging personal trainers who have been hand selected as the best personal trainers in Sydney and have delivered proven results for their clients.

The benefits of an ELITE personal trainer include expert instruction, injury prevention, personalised workout plan, goal setting, nutrition advice, exercise/time efficiency, accountability, Inspiration/motivation, correct form/technique, routine variety (avoid plateau), educational experience, and you will achieve faster and better results.

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