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Are You Ready To Kickstart Your Fat Loss Results and Learn from Sydney’s Leading Body Transformation Coaches?

Our ‘Secrets to Sustainable Fat Loss’ guide is an effective, evidence-based way of shedding fat and finally achieving the body confidence you deserve.


If you want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see the person you know you can be, now’s the time to make it happen…

Ask yourself these questions…


  1. Are you unhappy with your body? You know you can look and feel better but you don’t know where to start with the gym, diet plans or anything else.

  2. Do you want to achieve a toned and firm physique? You’re working towards your ideal body but you’re unsure of how to effectively put a plan into place or even where to start.

  3. Have you tried to lose weight and failed? You relentlessly try different diets and workout programs but the kgs just never seem to drop off however hard you seem to be trying.

  4. Are you stuck in a plateau with your fat loss results? You’re committed to your goals but just feel demotivated and exhausted with the lack of progress and real results.

If You Answered ‘Yes!’ To Any Of The Above, This FREE guide is the right place to start…

The Secrets to Sustainable Fat Loss Guide Can Help You Achieve Transformations Like These

The Secrets to Sustainable Fat Loss


What are your goals?
FREE Discovery
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Once You’re In, You’ll See All of These Incredible Benefits & More!

  • Get the knowledge you need to kickstart your fat loss journey.

  • Understand more about nutrition and exercise to achieve better results.

  • Learn directly from Sydney’s leading body transformation coaches.

  • 100% digital so you can read from anywhere and in your own time.

  • Optimise your life, look amazing and feel happier than ever before.

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Happy client

Jenna Davies (WBFF PRO)

      Elite Health Club is a welcome breath of fresh air to Sydney’s fitness scene. Elite offers you a premium training experience with only the best equipment and machines to use. It’s the perfect blend of old school meets new school, with a huge variety of machines (bodybuilders heaven), a luxurious feel and most importantly, friendly staff and of course, the community.”



368 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood NSW

ELITE Training Space

World-class personal training gym

We provide one of the best equipped training facilities in Australia with a dynamic range of specialised gym equipment rarely available in any other training space, including world-class premium bodybuilding brands Watson, Atlantis and Eliko. ​


ELITE are leaders in strength, muscle gain, fat loss, sports nutrition, comp prep and body transformations.

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