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Gold Comp Prep Package

*min 20 weeks commitment

At ELITE we want the hardest working athletes in the room, we want you to be willing to do whatever it takes, and we want you to be committed and hungry for success in and out of competition prep. 


To be one of the ELITE athletes that can return year after year to show it all begins with the mindset. 


To be an ELITE athlete requires certain physical and mental attributions and our team here wishes to unlock your potential and push these attributes to their unseen limits. 

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Why choose Team ELITE?

Our ELITE comp prep signature package is a bullet-proof system with the sole purpose to get you in the best condition of your life and stage-ready in the healthiest way.


Experience a bespoke and efficient in-person coaching service tailored to your specific comp prep federation, time frame & lifestyle.

 Join a supportive and thriving community that will encourage and help you every step away.


Regardless if it’s your first time or you are ready for your next competition we have the expertise and time-tested methods to achieve a pro-level physique.

As long as you have the drive and determination to succeed, we guarantee to get you your dream physique and exceed your expectations**.

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Why work with our ELITE Coaches?

Highly educated physique coaches & transformation coaches with 5+ yrs experience in competition prep in multiple federations.


Nutritionists and body transformation specialists. 


Achieved pro cards at FMG, WBFF, ICN & IFBB National Titles.


True recommendations for your competition time frame based on what your physique needs to bring to the stage in order to be successful in your chosen category with your chosen federation.  



Jason Tencate

Co-founder & Managing Director of ELITE Health Club

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Pat Roach

Club Manager & Head Coach

What is Included in Your Gold Comp Prep Experience?

Comprehensive Onboarding Process

Get started in your comp journey with everything you need to ensure that you start off strong for an even stronger finish.

Bespoke Training Program

Receive detailed 4-6 week training programs completely specific to you and your end goal taking into account; how many times you can train each week, the equipment available to you, your experience level and any/all injuries you may need to work around.

Custom Macro-specific

Tailored around your calorie and macro requirements, the foods you love and your lifestyle. Your Nutrition targets will be created specifically for you and your goals. We always make sure to keep in mind your food preferences and lifestyle to make sure that you are set up for success.

Weekly Check-ins With
Your Coach

Each week you will check in with your coach, who will give you detailed feedback to ensure you fully understand every step of the process. To ensure you fully understand every step of the process, each week you will check in with your coach, who will overview the previous week's results and performance while giving you detailed information on how you need to proceed moving forward.

Daily Support And

Your ELITE coach will be there every step of the way with you to help motivate, support and educate you through to comp day and beyond.

A Thriving Community

A fantastic group of like-minded athletes where all team members help motivate, support and inspire one another.

Exclusive Coaching Hub

You will have access to a video exercise library and a high-performance resource hub.


In order to ensure that you bounce back well after your show, your coaches will continue with you on your journey so that you do not struggle to get back to normalcy.

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Contact Form


You just need to fill in the application form below, book a quick discovery call, and together we’ll work out your plan to embrace the stage with sheer confidence!

Have you competed before?
Are you looking for online or in person?

Thanks for submitting!

  • I'm new to competing. Is this okay?
    This is completely fine. We take on and currently coach clients of all experience levels and ages, from first timers to seasoned pro athletes. Although this is an exclusive service, we are looking for people who are a good fit with the right attitude and commitment, and who have the drive to WIN. If this is you, fill in the application form.
  • How will I know which category to enter and that I will be ready in time?
    Jason & Pat combined have coached many clients and are more than experienced enough in knowing when and in which federation and category their clients should compete in. They also have connections and close relationships with different feds to know which will suit which athlete, as well as the expertise to know when a competitor will be stage ready and at their best.
  • I don't live near your club, is this a problem?
    Not one bit. Overseas clients are welcome to sign up. Our coaches have clients from all over the world and have some that have been with them for many years. The distance doesn't affect our commitment to you.
  • I'm a vegetarian/ vegan. Is this catered for?
    All dietary requirements as well as allergies and intolerances are fully considered when your diet plan is created for you. Everyone is catered for.
  • Will I have to do lots of cardio when I start prep?
    The short answer is enough but not too much. You will start off with a little to adjust to your new lifestyle and this will gradually increase at a comfortable level as you progress, and this then will be ramped up when you hit the home stretch.
  • Is my food a calorie goal or set meals?
    Either or, you can be given custom meal plans or you can be provided with macro and calorie targets. These will then be tailored to factor in dietary requirements and personal tastes to make it enjoyable and sustainable for you. In addition, you will be taught how to understand macros and food swaps, giving you the long-term tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle post-prep.
  • How many times a week will I be expected to train?
    Every plan is different depending on your goal and time frame but generally, 4-5 times a week weight training is standard.
  • What if I don't know how to do certain exercises?
    Don't worry. Your coach will be on hand to provide you with exercise breakdown tutorials and be available to you throughout your program to ask questions, guide you through your training and give ample feedback on your technique.
  • Will you help me win?
    This is perhaps one of the most common requests our team is faced with and the answer is YES, of course, our focus is on you as an athlete and achieving the outcome you desire. Fine-tuning and consistency from our experienced coaches can change everything. We are in your corner and will leave no stone unturned to get you in the best possible conditioning to win your show.


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