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ELITE body transformation coaching

ELITE coaching is results-based with tailored training programs to match your unique goals. We will transform your body, your health and your life.


We are not just personal trainers, we are results-based body transformation experts.


We are more than just a gym, we have state-of-the-art training equipment combined with world-class coaches to ensure your success. 

We are invested in your success with an uncompromising commitment to providing life changing results.

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Happy client

12-week body transformation

Maxi is a 40+ busy working professional and mum, and her goal was to improve her health, strength and to lose body fat. She smashed all her goals!

Maxi has reduced her body fat from 18% down to 11%, resolved gut health issues and is the strongest she has ever been. She is feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the world.

Congratulations Maxi.

Start your 12-week transformation today

Happy client

      I’ve been working with Jason for over a year now and I would highly recommend him as a coach. He is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and effective coach. Jason helped me achieve my best physique yet for a photoshoot prep and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, he has guided me along this journey every step of the way and continues to do so.”




Happy client

    I'm in my 40s and a busy dad and CEO. When I came to ELITE I was 18% bodyfat but now after just 6 months of personal training I'm down to only 10%. I was previously only lifting a 120kg deadlift, now I'm lifting reps of 200kg. I was stuck on 90kg bench for years, now I'm lifting 10 reps of 100kg. I was always sceptical of needing a coach, I thought I could just do it myself, but ELITE has blown my mind in terms of results and what I'm actually capable of. Highly recommended!”

- Mike Larcher



4 months body transformation

Happy client

Tim is a 40+ busy working professional. He was fully committed to the ELITE process and achieved astounding results.

Congrats Tim.


Clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have put their health in our hands and achieved truly remarkable results like these.

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Happy client

     Jason continues to exceed my expectations through his professionalism, dedication to his work, knowledge within the industry, commitment to his clients and overall support. Jason has provided me with the protocols necessary to achieve some great body composition results and has coached me through multiple competition preparation phases now too in which I have obtained the best conditioning possible for these events. Jason is an outstanding coach and mentor and I could not recommend him enough, his time is invaluable."



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Happy client

       We had a great synergy since the beginning and I’m very happy with what we have achieved together. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You are the best!” 

@ Lilian.amemiya_wbffpro



Happy client

      We did what seemed impossible and got to my goal physique right in time. Loosing a total of 10kg in 14 weeks. I will never forget how much time and effort you put into me and the support you provided day in, day out. I am so proud of what we achieved! You always pushed me towards my goals! Thank you! You are truly incredible at what you do! I appreciate you more than you know!"



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Happy client

Jenna Davies (WBFF PRO)

      Elite Health Club is a welcome breath of fresh air to Sydney’s fitness scene. Elite offers you a premium training experience with only the best equipment and machines to use. It’s the perfect blend of old school meets new school, with a huge variety of machines (bodybuilders heaven), a luxurious feel and most importantly, friendly staff and of course, the community.”



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