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Fit after 40. Build your best body ever!
12-weeks to exceptional long lasting results:



- 2 x 45-minute Personal Training sessions weekly (24 sessions in total) with an ELITE coach

- Exclusive access to our world-class premium training facility in Chatswood Sydney

- Goal and nutrition setting consultation, including tailored nutrition & supplementation plan

- 12-week customised workout plan specific to your physique goals.

- Unmatched support, motivation and accountability from your ELITE coach.


- Regular Body Composition Assessments

- Be a part of a friendly, engaging and motivated community.

- FREE 12 weeks of unlimited club membership access at our premium club facilities (value $420)

*Terms & Conditions Apply




What are your goals?
FREE Discovery

Your best body at 40+

Build your best body ever

Countless studies show that personal training is beneficial for people of all ages, including those over the age of 40, in terms of improving physical function, muscle strength, body composition, and overall health and well-being.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that middle-aged and older adults who participated in personal training experienced significant improvements in muscle strength, body composition, and physical function.

Your ELITE coach will work with you to ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively to achieve your best body ever.


Happy client

Maxi is a 40+ busy working professional and mum, and her goal was to improve her health, strength and to lose body fat. She smashed all her goals!

Maxi has reduced her body fat from 18% down to 11%, resolved gut health issues and is the strongest she has ever been. She is feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the world.

Body Transformation

Transform into the best you

At ELITE we specialise in strength conditioning, sports nutrition and body transformation.

Whether you're a student, stay home parent, busy corporate or comp prep athlete, ELITE will get you the results you desire. 

Our ELITE Sydney personal trainers are specialists in body recomposition (lose fat, gain muscle) and focus on body transformation. 

We are Australia's leading personal trainers with a results driven model that will transform your body and give you lifelong health.

We’re more than just a gym, we’re a community club where you are more than just a number. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals looking to improve their health and transform their bodies. The ELITE health club community will become your home away from home.


368 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood NSW

ELITE Training Space

World-class personal training gym

We provide one of the best equipped training facilities in Australia with a dynamic range of specialised gym equipment rarely available in any other training space, including world-class premium bodybuilding brands Watson, Atlantis and Eliko. ​


ELITE are leaders in strength, muscle gain, fat loss, sports nutrition, comp prep and body transformations.

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