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ELITE training space. ELITE coaches

ELITE Health Club is a world-class personal training gym in Chatswood Sydney with state-of-the-art equipment and Australia's leading body transformation coaches.

ELITE is known as the place where you can"Train like the ELITE" and where you achieve serious results that will exceed your expectations.

The ELITE experience is"more than just personal training", it's also sports nutrition planning, supplementation, body composition assessment, motivation and accountability. 

Even if you have no gym experience, we will transform your body into a leaner, more muscular, stronger physique.

We specialise in body recomposition and transformation coachingPrepare yourself for a life changing experience.

ELITE Coaches

World-class body transformation coaching

ELITE coaches are more than just personal trainers. They provide results driven individualised holistic hybrid coaching to achieve ultimate body recomposition and transformation.

ELITE coaches provide services including: 
1-on-1 training, semi-private coaching, high-intensity interval (HIIT) training classes, online personal training, tailored supplementation recommendations, regular body composition assessments, tailored sports nutrition plans​ and motivational check-in phone calls.

We only employ world-class certified coaches who are distinguished by their ability to practice what they preach. Many of our staff are current or former world-class professional sportspeople, coaches and models.

Prepare for an ELITE body transformation.


Jason Tencate

Managing Director &

Certified ELITE Master Coach

Jason Tencate is a respected Master Coach with over twelve years experience in the fitness industry as a coach who focuses on both personal and professional development.


Jason has an extensive background in education, both in his own learning to remain an industry leading coach, but also as an international educator and mentor both face to face and online.


Jason provides both a functional and evidence-based approach to his coaching, leading to sustainable and health-focused results.

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Body Transformation

Transform into the best you

At ELITE our results-based personal trainers specialise in strength conditioning and body transformation.

Whether you're a student, stay home parent, busy corporate or comp prep athlete, ELITE will get you the results you desire. 

Our coaches are considered the best personal trainers in Sydney with a results driven model that will transform your body and give you lifelong health.

ELITE Health Club

Three ELITE pillars

ELITE Health Club is a world-class training space, with state-of-the-art equipment and Australia's leading ELITE coaches. 

ELITE Health Club we specialise in strength conditioning, sports nutrition and body transformation. We are results-driven health experts.


The ELITE Health Club is more than just a gym, its a community. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and become part of our family.

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ELITE Equipment

Premium world-class training equipment

We provide one of the best equipped premium training facilities in Australia which will take your body to a new level of health and performance.


We provide a dynamic range of specialised gym equipment rarely available in any other training space, including world-class premium bodybuilding brands Watson, Atlantis and Eliko. 

ELITE are leaders in strength, muscle gain, fat loss, sports nutrition, comp prep and body transformations.

This is the ELITE equipment experience. 


ELITE Experience

Train like the ELITE

ELITE Health Club is a world-class training space catered to trainers looking for premium service and serious results from ELITE coaches. 

At ELITE we specialise in strength conditioning, sports nutrition and body recomposition. Whether you're a student, stay at home parent, busy corporate or comp prep athlete, everyone is welcome at ELITE.

We train, motivate, inspire and connect to get you hooked on the ELITE experience. We provide an individualised experience within a community environment.

We don't do just general fitness, we build stronger, leaner and more muscular bodies that completely transform the way you look and feel.

If you are serious about wanting to improve yourself then ELITE Health Club is for you.


ELITE Community

Become part of our family

ELITE Health Club is a place where coaches know your name, members know each other’s names, people notice when others aren’t there for a while, people motivate and challenge each other to work harder, and everyone feels welcomed when they walk in the door.

The ELITE goal is for you to feel comfortable and a sense of a family while at ELITE Health Club.

We encourage interaction, we acknowledge and challenge with leaderboards/contests, and we organise fun bonding events. We welcome you to our family! 

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