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What are the benefits of a coach or personal trainer?

It's a valid question. What are the benefits of using a coach or personal trainer? The benefits of personal training can be endless, but below we have listed our top reasons why you should hire a personal trainer or coach on your health and body transformation journey.

Countless studies have shown that you have a higher chance of achieving your fitness goals with a personal trainer than you do on your own.

Expert instruction

Everybody is different, and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise and gym training. This is where a personal trainer’s experience can make a huge difference to your training program.

Your experience, conditions, goals and fitness level will allow your personal trainer to create a custom workout plan specific to your unique needs. With a tailored program, you are more likely to stay committed, reduce injury and achieve the best results.

Jase Tencate, Head Coach at ELITE Health Club in Chatswood Sydney

Injury prevention

ELITE Personal Trainers will ensure you are performing each exercise with the correct technique to limit your risk of injury. Our experienced ELITE coaches will design a custom workout plan that ensures your safety and provides a positive results-based experience.

It is essential to follow the correct technique when lifting weights and our experienced coaches will ensure you are lifting safely whilst achieving the best results through resistance training. Working with an ELITE coach who is trained in how to execute certain tasks will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the effectiveness of your fitness routine.

Personalised workout plan

An ELITE personal trainer will tailor your workout plan to suit you and encourage you to do the exercises that are best to achieve your goals. A customised workout plan will be focused on your specific goals. The client who wants to loose 10kg of fat will train differently from the client that wants to build 10kg of muscle. The client who is new to training and has a medical condition will train differently to the experienced client training for a competition. Your reasons for wanting to exercise will have a lot to do with the exercises that are chosen for your unique plan.

An ELITE coach will tailor each exercise session to your individual needs, fitness and exercise levels, and health and injury history. Your workouts will be safe and effective.

Goal setting

Setting goals is important to achieve the best results. Even more important is setting the right goals. Many people expect to transform their body in 2 weeks and to "get rich quick". Like most things in life success takes dedication, work and time. If your goals aren’t realistic, it’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve not achieved them right away. Your ELITE personal trainer will not only help you set realistic goals that you will be able to achieve but they will also be able to keep you on track to hit those goals.

Nutrition advice

ELITE Personal trainers don't just know about lifting weights, they have also studied and can consult on your nutrition. They will help set calorie consumption goals and advise on the best macronutrient split. Your ELITE coach will highlight healthy food choices while encouraging a healthy lifestyle that will minimise the risks of the development of diet-related diseases.

Whether your goal is to lose fat or build muscle (or both), your ELITE coach will give you the nutrition advice to ensure you achieve your goals.

Exercise/time efficiency

Effective workouts with a personal trainer will make sure you’ll have time for other important things in your life and maximise your time spent in the gym to achieve the best results. ELITE coaches use their expertise to create a tailored and individual plan to help you maximise results in a timely manner, increasing the efficiency of your exercise program.

Your personal trainer will be able to identify what changes need to be made to take your training to the next level and ensure you are challenging you to make the most out of each session. Your ELITE coach will be able to provide you with the right tools and planning to help you maximise your results every single time.


Maintaining a consistent exercise and healthy eating regime can be difficult on your own. Your ELITE coach is critical to ensuring that you commit and stick to your fitness goals. When exercising on your own it can be easy to skip a session, snooze your alarm clock or cheat a set. If you’ve made an appointment to meet your trainer for a session, then you are far more likely to follow through.

ELITE Personal Trainers will hold you accountable for your actions. A personal trainer will keep you accountable and push your workouts to the next level while providing motivation throughout each session and the duration of your program.


Having an ELITE coach by your side will inspire and motivate you to push beyond your comfort zone, try new exercises and realise your full potential. They will provide clear advice on how to reach your goals while offering a great base of support throughout your journey.

Exercise can be fun! Simply working with a trainer who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with more gratification from your workouts.

Correct form/technique

Having an experience personal trainer beside you to demonstrate the correct posture and technique is invaluable. Performing the correct technique allows you to engage the essential muscles contributing to the movement, therefore intensifying your workouts and propelling you closer towards your goals. Our Trainers will allow you to become confident with how to perform exercises, use machines and navigate the facility.

Your ELITE coach will ensure you are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximise results. Good form when performing exercises is also essential in reducing the risk of injury.

Routine variety (avoid plateau)

It's easy to fall into a workout rut, doing the same workouts over and over. Not only is this boring but it can also lead to weight loss plateaus, overuse injuries, and burnout. In addition to affecting your mood and motivation, this is a common cause of training plateau and you may be left wondering why you’re not seeing results from working out. Personal trainers act as unofficial therapists and can provide a great source of connection. Sure, they’ll help you reach your fitness goals but they also care about your well-being and can assist in improving not only your physical, but mental health.

A personal trainer can bring much-needed variety and a fresh perspective and new viewpoints to challenge both your body and mind. Your ELITE coach will ensure you remain motivated and enjoy achieving your health and body transformation goals.

Educational experience

Knowledge is power, so one of the great reasons to have a personal trainer is they can educate you on all aspects of health, fitness, strength and exercise. When it comes to your fitness goals, having a proper understanding of what is required for you to reach those goals is incredibly empowering.

Your personal trainer will be able to help you become further educated on how your nutrition plays a role in your fitness journey, what exercises target which muscles, the correct exercise form and so much more. Your ELITE coach will provide wealth of knowledge from their professional education and experience within the industry, allowing you to focus on accomplishing your goals.

Faster/better results

A study in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found that working with a personal trainer increases your chances of achieving your fitness goals by more than 30%. In another study, overweight participants who worked with a health coach for 24 weeks lost an average of 9% of their body weight, with half of them losing 10% or more.

One research paper conducted by a team of researchers at UCLA concluded that "we have demonstrated for the first time in a fitness club setting that members whose training is directed by well-qualified personal trainers administering evidence-based training regimens achieve significantly greater improvements in LBM and other dimensions of fitness than members who direct their own training."

ELITE Health Club client coached by Jase Tencate.

The results you'll see with a trainer depend on the time invested per week and the goals themselves. While noticeable results in muscle mass and fat loss could take up to four weeks, most people see an increase in motivation, enthusiasm and energy from the get-go.

The benefits of personal training extend far beyond super goal-oriented athletes. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned gym goer (or athlete), having a personal trainer or a coach can help you meet your fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively.

Anyone who has worked with an exercise professional understands that a personal trainer offers much more than just exercise advice and company during a workout. An experienced, educated and encouraging trainer will offer lifestyle coaching, time management and support on staying motivated.

For more information on the benefits of a hiring a coach or personal trainer in Sydney simply contact us.


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