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WBFF Coach in Sydney, WBFF Gym, Comp Prep Australia

Are you looking for a WBFF Coach in Sydney or a WBFF Gym in Sydney? Are you looking for a Comp Prep Coach in Australia? Look no further than Elite Health Club.

WBFF is the the worldwide leader in fitness pageants and fitness entertainment events, providing one of the most professional platforms and productions merging music, fashion, beauty and fitness.

Elite Health Club is a WBFF specialised premium personal training gym in Sydney Australia providing WBFF comp prep coaching. We have coached countless WBFF winners and helped many achieve their WBFF Pro Card.

Don't just take our word for it though. Let's get some of our WBFF competitors to tell you about their WBFF coaching experience with ELITE Health Club:

"Elite Health Club is a welcome breath of fresh air to Sydney’s fitness scene. Elite offers you a premium training experience with only the best equipment and machines to use. It’s the perfect blend of old school meets new school, with a huge variety of machines (bodybuilders heaven), a luxurious feel and most importantly, friendly staff and of course, the community.”

- Jenna Davies (WBFF PRO)

​"ELITE coach Jason continues to exceed my expectations through his professionalism, dedication to his work, knowledge within the industry, commitment to his clients and overall support. Jason has provided me with the protocols necessary to achieve some great body composition results and has coached me through multiple competition preparation phases now too in which I have obtained the best conditioning possible for these events. Jason is an outstanding coach and mentor and I could not recommend him enough, his time is invaluable."

- Celeste Frasson

"We had a great synergy since the beginning and I’m very happy with what we have achieved together. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You are the best!”

- Lilian Amemiya (WBFF Pro)

So if you are looking for a WBFF Coach in Sydney or a WBFF Gym in Sydney simply contact us today. We look forward to helping you win on the stage this year.


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