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Should you bother with muscle-building coaching after 40?

Are you wondering about the benefits of muscle-building coaching after the age of 40? Well, researchers have shown that after the age of 30, our body starts to noticeably age. Our cells, organs and biological processes all start to get out of kilter and unless we do something about it, we start to experience a loss of muscle mass.

Is muscle building good for you after 40?

So by the time you’ve reached 40, and if you haven’t been paying attention, it’s likely you’ll start to notice a loss in muscle mass. Over time, you may also notice your balance suffering and eventually, given a few more decades, you’ll become frail and might even require help with your daily tasks. A higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia has also been associated with a loss in muscle mass.

Whilst all of these issues aren’t solely due to a lack of muscle mass, we know that regular exercise helps with building muscle after 40. So if you want to age gracefully, investing in muscle-building coaching at the Elite Health Club is a wise move, particularly if you’re over 40.

Tips on building muscle after 40

One of the biggest mistakes made by newbies and people who haven’t exercised or trained for years is to push themselves too fast and cause injuries. So as long as you begin at your current fitness level and don’t do too much too soon, safely building muscle after 40 is eminently achievable.

At the Elite Health Club, muscle-building coaching for the over 40s is very popular. We recommend that you begin with two muscle-building sessions a week but also aim to be physically active every day. This can be walking the dog, cycling, swimming, running or throwing hoops with the kids or grandkids. Always aim to do some light physical activity every day.

As far as building muscle after 40 is concerned, you don’t have to lift weights, you can also sign up for Pilates classes or use resistance bands. However, if you want to try lifting weights, you can focus on light weights and high reps because this builds as much muscle as heavy weights and lower reps. So if the thought of lifting heavy weights puts you off coming to the gym, there are plenty of lighter weights that will work just as well. Simply mix it up with different weights and higher reps and you’ll be successful at building muscle after 40.

Don’t forget nutrition

We can’t deny that as you head towards 40, your metabolism also starts to slow down, so you start to put on weight. More weight and less muscle mass aren’t a good combination for you, particularly as you age, so you also need to think about nutrition.

Our muscle-building coaching experts help you create an eating plan that works for your lifestyle. It’ll include enough protein to build new muscle but also help you lose any additional weight you’ve gained due to a slower metabolism. This is where a balanced diet matched with building muscle after 40 can be a game changer as you start to get older.

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