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Fat loss personal training Sydney

We are a society infatuated with losing our unwanted fat, and as a result it can feel like there are thousands of weight-loss programs to choose from.

Unlike other programs, our one-on-one personal training service out of our Chatswood Willoughby health club in Sydney is focused on losing fat only – not muscle and fat. This powerful point of difference means that our clients actually get results that last long term, not just a short-term fix like on The Biggest Loser.

Fat loss personal training

With our fat loss approach we focus on traditional strength training using dumbbells and barbells, cleaning up your nutrition, assessing your body composition and hormonal analysis system to ensure you get the maximal amount of results possible in the shortest period of time.

ELITE Health Club are Sydney's leading providers of fat loss coaching - we provide the personal training, nutrition, support and community that gets our clients over the line for long lasting fat loss body transformation.

We specialise in body recomposition (lose fat and build muscle). There are five steps in our system:

- Maintain a moderately aggressive calorie deficit

- Eat enough protein

- Do a lot of heavy, compound weightlifting

- Don’t do too much cardio

- Take the right supplements.

Provided you follow our system, results will follow!

All of our fat loss personal training programs include detailed nutrition and training plans that change ever 3-4 weeks as your body fat drops, we will reassess your body fat throughout the program to ensure you get results.

You have the option of training with a personal trainer 2-5 times per week depending on how serious you are and what you need, the minimum commitment period is 12 weeks; we do however also offer 24 and 48-week programs. Package fees will depend on training frequency (minimum twice per week), level of coach and finally whether you pay weekly on direct debit or up front.

For more information on fat loss personal training contact us today.


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