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Bodybuilding, figure & fitness model preparation coaching

Getting ready for another year of shows or want to step up on stage for the first time? Our ELITE Sydney team has the knowledge and personal experience to get you into the best competition shape of your life, and in record-breaking time.

Where ELITE differs is in achieving this without the hours upon hours of cardiovascular training that normally accompanies most physique athlete competition preparation schemes.

Our coaches have experience in training clients in INBA, ANB and IFBB in several disciplines, including men’s Bodybuilding, female figure, female bikini and fitness/sports model.

We cover everything you need to do from start to finish to ensure you get into optimal shape: pre-, during and post-competition nutrition; lifestyle factors; hormonal imbalances; detoxification ability; food intolerances; and training methods. These details will ensure you stay at the top of your game before, during and after your competition.

Our Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Preparation programs come in two different shapes:

  • 12-week Lean and Ripped – this program is designed for the physique athlete who is already in, or close to competition shape. We will fine-tune your physique to ensure optimal fat loss and muscle gain, so that you achieve competition shape faster and in a healthier and more energetic way than ever before.

  • 24-week Transformation – this option is designed for a new physique athlete or seasoned veteran who needs to present with a radical change over a 24-week period. By following our fat loss and muscle building system, we will transform the person you currently see standing before you when you look in the mirror. You have nothing to lose but fat!

With both the Bodybuilding and Fitness Model packages you have the option of training two to five times per week with us.

For more information about bodybuilding, figure & fitness model preparation coaching contact us today.


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