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3 Secrets to Breaking Through Fat Loss Plateaus

Plateaus suck. Especially when you’re working hard in the gym and in the kitchen to make sure you’re doing all the right things to lose fat.

You work out a few times a week, right? You’re eating healthy, right? You’re doing your cardio, right? What more can you do?

You've been working incredibly hard and all of a sudden…

Your fat loss results have not just slowed down but stalled! You've hit a fat loss plateau.

Now you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and in fact, there is a high chance of this happening at some stage in your fitness journey.

However, if you understand the causes of a fat loss plateau and how to overcome them, you can get back on track and continue your fat loss journey sooner rather than later.

Now there are a couple of reasons we see this happen. One reason is that as we reduce body fat or overall size, our body expends fewer calories as it moves less weight around.

This isn't the main reason for plateaus, but this might be the case for those with longer-term fat loss results

Another reason we might find ourselves in a plateau is due to changes in our metabolism. As we drop body fat and diet, our metabolism slows down as the body becomes more efficient with the load it tolerates from an energy output base on the new lower calories.

This is why adding diet breaks into your plan is a great way to offset this adaptation and ensure we see long-term progress.

Here are our top 3 tips to help release your foot off the brake and back on the pedal towards your fat loss goals.

Tip 1 - Reassess Your Calorie Intake

To lose fat, you must maintain a caloric deficit: you consume fewer calories than you burn per day. Yet, often, we underestimate how much we intake and overestimate how much we use.

Instead, keep a food journal or use a tracking app like My Fitness Pal for three to four days and track exactly how many calories you’re eating and drinking.

Then, gently reduce your caloric intake by 250-500 calories depending on how aggressive you want to go to accelerate your fat loss and get back on track.

Tip 2 - Move More Outside the Gym

Being active isn’t something that just happens in the gym, so make sure you keep moving to keep those weight-loss goals on track.

Look at ways to increase your energy expenditure throughout the week either through athletic hobbies, steps or cardio. If the body has slowed down subconsciously, we need to ensure we move it purposefully every day to maintain our calculated deficit.

Tip 3 - Invest in a Fat Loss Coach

Invest in a fat loss coach that is well equipped to ensure you can achieve your goals faster. When mapping out your journey, having a coach that is educated in both training and nutrition can be super beneficial as they have most likely encountered this countless times before.

They will be able to set you up with an effective plan that helps prevent the likelihood of plateaus occurring and if they do, minimise the time you are stuck and overcome them in the most efficient way to allow you to reach your goals faster.

Looking for a guided and tailored approach to your nutrition and training? Book in a FREE discovery call with one of our ELITE coaches today and uncover the ELITE experience.

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