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Hypertrophy vs Strength vs Resistance vs Weight Training

Do you want to maximise your physical performance? Build bigger muscles or increase your strength? Completely transform your body composition? Well, welcome to ELITE Health Club, a world-class Personal Training gym in Chatswood Sydney, because that’s what we do!

You might have heard of Hypertrophy Training, Strength Training, Weight Training or Resistance Training, but what’s the difference between them and does it really matter?

Hypertrophy Training

This type of training focuses on increasing the size of your muscles, which doesn’t necessarily equate to increasing strength. The exercises and equipment you use will be the same for strength training, it’s the sets, reps, intensity and rest between sets that’s different. To build muscle, you have more sets and reps with less intensity and a shorter rest between sets when compared to building strength. If you want big, round, bulky muscles, then hypertrophy training is for you!

Strength Training

This type of training focuses on increasing the strength of your muscles, so you have fewer reps and sets, but greater intensity and rest between sets when compared to building muscle. It’s ideal for strength development, replacing body fat with lean muscle mass, managing your weight and increasing your metabolism and bone density. If you want to optimise muscle strength then strength training is for you!

Weight Training

At the start of weights training, you use weights, dumbbells, weight machines and bodyweight exercises (pushups and chin-ups) to build both muscle and strength. To take your training to the next level, however, and start maximising your performance, you need to focus on either building muscle (hypertrophy training) or strength (strength training).

In short, lifting weights is essential for both building muscle and strength but the regime is different, depending on your goals. The equipment you use and the number of reps and sets determines the type of training you do and the goals you can achieve.

Some people are happy to just use weights to improve their general fitness and health with no long term plan to build bulky muscles or maximise their strength. Others focus on building muscles or strength – it all depends on your goals.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is an umbrella term that includes both hypertrophy training and strength training. Interestingly, it also includes Pilates and Yoga, because resistance training is all about using your muscles to overcome an oppositional force. The aims of resistance training are increased strength and greater power, as well as speed and agility.

Your goals determine which type of resistance training you want to use - hypertrophy or strength training, both of which use weights to either build muscle or strength.

Having said all of that, you can also add hypertrophy training into your strength program by including unilateral exercises, single joint movements, machine lifts or light compound lifts.

The best way to refine your training schedule is to discuss your goals with one of our ELITE Coaches. That’s because at the ELITE Health Club, we specialise in body recomposition and transformation coaching. We don’t do general fitness, instead we offer our clients a new level of health and performance by building stronger, leaner and more muscular bodies, completely transforming the way you look and feel.

To get started simply book your FREE Discovery session and find out how you can transform your body and achieve your goals more efficiently this year!

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