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How to Navigate Vacation and Stay on Track!

With the new year less than 3 months away, many of you are probably looking forward to some time off work, the end-of-year holiday, or just the festivities that come with the backend of the year. It really is an exciting time, however, this is not the time of the year when you want to undo all of your hard work and progress you’ve made towards your goals.

With that being said, here are our top 3 tips to stay on track with your body transformation when on holiday!

1. The Golden Rule

When on holiday, try to stick to the 80/20 rule. This means when you look at your daily intake of food, 80% should be whole foods and 20% should be soul foods which will allow you to try new things and experience the culture for example if you’re overseas. Don’t be mistaken though, calories are still super important.

Make sure you stick to the designated calories you are on but incorporate new foods into your routine. If you’re trying to still lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit, however, you may want to have a couple of refeed days if you are on track with your plan to allow some bigger feeding days too.

2. Limit Alcohol Consumption

When we look at the impact of alcohol both directly and indirectly, by limiting its consumption we are able to better manage our progress when on holidays. This isn’t to say we can't have any, but we should definitely be selective when we do. When we choose to have a couple of alcoholic beverages it often comes with the opportunity for a couple of social snacks here and there at the time as well.

These are extra calories we are now consuming subconsciously on top of the ones from the drink we are having. Added to that, when your liver is busy breaking down alcohol, it's less efficient at producing glucose to help fuel your workout. This means if you decide to train the next day you may not be performing to as high of a standard as what you are used to.

3. Move Your Body

Take 45-60 minutes to continue to train and improve yourself throughout the holidays. Now if you’re overseas and don't want the hassle of finding a gym then that's okay, look at moving your body in other ways.

You can do this by going on a jog or a walk around the city you are exploring each morning briefly before the daily activities start, or if you have time to walk shorter distances to your next activities or adventure, you might opt for that over taking a taxi.

If you're not overseas and need some time away from the gym during your break, look at doing a bush walk or a bike ride with family and friends. As you can start to understand, there are heaps of ways you can continue to move your body and increase your daily output whilst enjoying a break.

So there you have it!

3 habits to ensure you can still enjoy your break but also stay on track towards your goals. If you are feeling a bit unsure or stuck still, please reach out to our team and one of our coaches can help you figure out a plan that's right for you, so you can enjoy the lead-up into the end of the year festivities, and maintain your result

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