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Get a stronger bench press with this bench press warm up.

Struggling to get stronger with your bench press and/or want to prevent an injury?

Bench press warm up

Try our ELITE bench press warm up set before attempting the exercise next time: 👉🏻Exercise 1: A1) High External Rotation 3x10 Each Arm 👉🏻Exercise 2: A2) Bottoms Up Press 3x5 Each Arm 👉🏻Exercise 3: A3) Dumbbell Pull Over (w/hip drop) 3x5 👉🏻Exercise 4: A4) First Warm Up Set of Bench Press View our video demo here on Instagram.

Run through this protocol three times, increasing your Bench Press weight gradually towards your working weight.

Get a stronger bench press

When it comes to warming up for heavy movements, we insist on performing warm up protocols in conjunction with your warm up sets of whatever the main lift of the day is - in this case, Bench Press. Not only does this get you strong, stable and ready to move weight, it helps you assess, identify and troubleshoot points of “tightness” and/or instability before you move into working efforts. Beyond that, throwing in your warm up stuff in with your workout stuff helps shave off about 20minutes from what would have been a long session if you were to warm up separately from the main exercise. 🏋🏼‍♂️ Training Tip from ELITE personal trainer: @coach_patty_roach_92


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