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7 Reasons you Need a Personal Trainer

When it comes to reaching your full health and fitness potential, finding yourself a quality personal trainer (PT) is invaluable. Whether you’re looking for in-person coaching or even just an online trainer, having a Personal Trainer that can personalise your sessions, allows you to take a more progressive approach, leading you to optimise your results. Here’s why.

1. Master Your Exercise Technique

One of the biggest benefits of having a Personal Trainer is the ability to learn how to lift with proper technique. This is particularly important for compound lifts like squats and deadlifts, but also for how to use and seat up machines correctly to your body structure. Making sure your lifting technique and set up is right, will also ensure you are lifting safer in the gym which reduces your chance of injury and allows you to get more out of your workouts.

2. Be Well Prepared

A good quality Personal Trainer should also have an understanding of program design and periodisation. This is important for your progression along your health and fitness journey as it reduces plateaus along the way and increases your training performance so you can achieve your goals faster. This means your sessions shouldn’t just be a downloaded 12-week plan from a website. Your program should include a detailed assessment along the way to identify and address any imbalances in the body, whilst educating you as a client on where you should be each week to improve your experience.

3. Nail Your Nutrition

A well-experienced trainer should also be able to help you out with your nutrition whether it be calories and macros, or a full meal plan to follow depending on their qualifications. A Personal Trainer with better knowledge should be able to provide you with the skill set to identify and select quality meals for your desired goal in a range of settings. They should also be able to help you identify and improve how you perform and recover in and around sessions through meal timing too.

4. You'll Be Held Accountable

Most people struggle to outline their goals clearly. By working with a Personal Trainer you will be held more accountable as you are made to dig deep as to why you truly want to achieve a particular goal. From there your trainer will be able to make sure your targets are specific, measurable and attainable for what you want to achieve. Once your goals have been outlined appropriately, a good trainer will make sure it aligns with the lifestyle that you want to live, making your plan tailored and specific to you and your needs. This makes sure you don't get 6 months into your journey and find yourself stuck at the start again because you didn’t have a clear plan that truly worked for you.

5. Unleash Your Own Potential

When it comes to your training it’s easy to only stick to the exercises you like doing and steer clear of true ones you find challenging, which could be the ones you need the most. Having a good Personal Trainer that knows what they're doing doesn’t just help ensure your workouts will allow you to hit your potential, but it also ensures that you are working at an intensity that's going to take your results to the next level. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your training level is, you will never work as hard by yourself, as what you would with a great Personal Trainer that knows how to get the most out of you in a session.

6. There Are No More Excuses

If you sometimes slack off on your workouts, especially when things get tough, taking on a Personal Trainer will help eliminate the excuses. They’ve heard it all before and will motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own.

6. You’ll Gain Independence

Working with a Personal Trainer over time can be great for learning the right way to exercise. This is especially true if you want to learn more about the muscles in your body, the exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises with great form.

Looking for a guided and tailored approach to your nutrition and training? Book in a FREE discovery call with one of our ELITE coaches today and uncover the ELITE experience.

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