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5 Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout Winter

Making sure your motivation doesn't drop off and derail all of the progress you've made can be challenging during winter. It becomes harder to leave the comfort of your warm bed in the morning and the weekends start becoming spent watching Netflix and overindulging on the couch.

In order to help you through this cold winter, we’ve put together 5 tips to help ensure you stay on track towards your goals.

1. Set your goals and work towards your long term vision

It’s easy to lose motivation when there aren’t any goal posts in sight! Taking the time to map out what you want to achieve with your health and fitness, or any aspect of your life for that matter will provide you with insights along the way as to where you need to be at certain stages of the year. Just because the weather outside may not be so pleasant, doesn't mean your goals will also wait for the sun to pop back out and for you to feel better. This is why it’s important to remember the long term goal that you’re working towards. Ensuring your ‘WHY’ behind your goals is important enough to you will make times like winter easier to stay on track.

2. Summer bodies are made in winter

If you want to achieve your summer body goals, you need to start NOW! By the time the cooler months have passed it will be too late to achieve your most desirable result come summertime. By taking your foot off the gas pedal during winter, you’re losing 12 weeks of progress towards your end goal! Even if you only cut at a slower rate of 0.25kg/week, that’s 3kg (mostly fat) of progress towards your end goal. If you want to reach your full potential this coming summer, there is no right time but if you're aiming to get that summer body ready - the time is now.

3. Consistency is king

You can’t expect to get the results you want by only training when it’s warm. All the time you have just spent building positive habits prior to winter will become undone and unfortunately push you further away from your goals. By staying consistent with the routines and daily structures you have built and put in place, you are going to be able to increase the momentum towards your fitness goals. At the end of the day, it’s consistency that transforms average into excellence. With consistent reps and routine, you are able to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.

4. Train for an event

Planning a trip away, attending a weekend festival or just wanting to change how this year ends for you? Working towards an event at the end of the year is a perfect way to stay motivated, especially if the event is booked already. This gives you a deadline for when you need to have achieved your desired result. Whatever that end result looks like, you need to work backwards to where you are now (current shape or physique). This will allow you to understand where you need to be each week in order to reach your goal when that event comes up.

5. Hire a coach

If you are someone looking to make big changes in your health and fitness then hiring a coach is the best investment to make. Not only will they be able to hold you more accountable to the goals that you outline with each other. A good quality coach will also ensure your training and nutrition is structured and goal specific, ensuring that you will be able to see constant progress which will also allow you to feel motivated by the results you will get. Remember "go fast go alone, go faster go together."

Looking for a guided and tailored approach to your nutrition and training? Book in a FREE discovery call with one of our ELITE coaches today and uncover the ELITE experience.

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