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5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Due to the growing evidence around the benefit of strength training, it’s no surprise that weights are now a fundamental part of most exercise programs. The old stigma that lifting weights made you bulky, which attracted a lot of males into the weights room and deterred many females from it, has been shown on multiple occasions to be nothing but a myth.

But if they don't make women big and bulky, what exactly are the benefits of weight training, especially long term?

Here are 5 benefits of women lifting weights:

  1. Lifting weights is a super efficient way of burning calories. Building muscle helps increase your metabolic rate as lean muscle tissue is more metabolically efficient than fat mass.

  2. Strength training has been shown to reduce your risk of injury. As we train with weights, we are improving our strength, mobility of muscles, ligaments and tendons. This helps reinforce the structures around our joints like our knees when performing daily tasks.

  3. By loading the body with weight we are able to increase bone density and as a result lower the risk of osteoporosis. When we weight train, the body receives a temporary stress on your bones from the external load. To combat this the body will send signals to bone-building cells, getting them to rebuild the bone to make them stronger.

  4. Weight training regularly has also been shown to improve your mental health. Each time we exercise we are promoting the release of mood boosting endorphins which can play a role in a positive mood.

  5. Weight training has also been shown to have many benefits to longevity as well. Studies have shown that the more muscle mass you have as you age, the less likely you are to pass away prematurely. This is why weight training to maintain muscle mass is super important especially as we age, and what better way to maintain it than by lifting weights!

So there you have it, ladies, strong is sexy!

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