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5 Reasons Meal Prep Can Accelerate Your Results!

Having a meal plan can enhance your results when it comes to getting great results, whether it be fat loss, hypertrophy, or even just maintaining the one you have just worked your backside off for.

Here are our top 5 reasons why including meal plans can seriously improve your overall result.

1. Learning Portion Control

When building your awareness around nutrition, meal plans can be a beneficial tool for understanding what your portions should look like. This is important to understand early on when trying to get incredible results, as it can reduce the learning curve of how much your designated calories look like in different meal breakdowns. In addition, this prevents a few weeks of clients overeating due to serving themselves more of what they would consider healthy at the time.

2. Meal Ideas

When starting off your journey, it can often be hard to think of ideas that will fit within your calories. Having a meal plan to follow takes the guesswork out of what you should be eating. It also allows you to see what might be the best option for you in the morning or post-workout, for example, to maximize nutrient uptake of a particular meal which is optimal for recovery.

3. Save Time and Stress Less

For those busier than ever, having a meal plan relieves you from coming home each day and figuring out what's for dinner or lunch the next day. Having a meal plan to follow lets you know exactly what needs to be prepared for dinner or what you have to get ready to stay on track with your goals the next day. If you're someone who needs to make a lot of decisions at work, having a meal plan can prevent decision fatigue as you go throughout your day.

4. It saves Time, Money & Reduces Wastage

It's not uncommon for people to go grocery shopping 3-4 times per week. Creating a shopping list based on what is needed for your meal plans for the week allows you to not only save time travelling to and from the shops, but it also saves you petrol money which is getting costly in this day and age! In addition to this, by knowing exactly how much of each ingredient you need to prepare your meals, you further reduce the amount of food you waste which is also something that can save you money by sticking to your plan.

5. You're More Likely To Reach Your Goals

Staying on track and hitting your calories is one of the more challenging tasks you need to master if you want to get an incredible result. However, if you can get through a few weeks by being consistent and developing the habits and skills necessary to stick to your meal plan, your chances to hit your goals and overcome other aspects of adversity along the journey will increase drastically. By ensuring your meal plan works with your lifestyle and is one that you enjoy each day, you'll find it easier to follow, allowing you to achieve your desired result and maintain it long-term.

Feeling lost when it comes to an understanding of what to do with your nutrition to achieve your goals and progress long-term? Please feel free to reach out to our team at Elite, and one of our experienced coaches will be more than happy to help you out.

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