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3 Fitness habits to leave behind this year

We all have certain habits that we abide by, but some are worse than others. If you’re embracing the “New Year, new me” approach, here are three fitness habits that you should leave behind because they’re doing you more harm than good.

X Constant Comparison!

Comparing yourself to someone else’s journey is one of the worst habits. The best way to leave it behind is to understand that other people are on a different journey and that the only person that you’re competing with is yourself. Your ELITE personal trainer will create a custom program and help you achieve your unique goals (e.g. fat loos, muscle building, injury recovery, body transformation, strength, fitness, general health, happiness etc).

X Drastic Fad Diets!

Instead of embracing fad diets and expecting overnight success, take baby steps and change your diet by adding more fruits and veggies and eliminating snacks and sweets whenever possible. There is no quick fix, ‘magic pill’ or success formula if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is! Follow the nutrition advice of your ELITE personal trainer who has years of proven experience helping people lose weight.

X Trying to do it on your own!

Having a structured plan with direction, support, and accountability is critical for compliance. Even the most advanced athletes require help. A personal trainer is someone you can fall back on when motivation is a struggle, when you feel like you’re going to fail and to give you the confidence you’re on the right path!

Personal training in Sydney

It’s time to stop defaulting to fitness advice that was designed with a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we teach our clients to build a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating habits that they can stick to because its enjoyable!

ELITE personal trainers are a hand-picked team of industry leading body transformation coaches with experience in elite level sport or training competition bodybuilders. This is your chance to train with the best.

If you’re still struggling to find an approach that works for you, book in a FREE discovery session with one of our ELITE personal trainers in Sydney.


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